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Real Estate Videos... Trick or Treat?

Video as well as real estate virtual tours have changed dramatically over the years.  The improvements in smart phone technology, tablets and DSLR cameras have opened up a wide variety of video content opportunities!  As a real estate virtual tour service, we saw the need to help our clients market themselves and their properties by adding the capability to include video and 3D directly into the virtual tour in addition to the automated service that converts still images into video format, which we discuss below in the YouTube section.

In this article, we want to show you how to take your virtual tours and video marketing to the next level, at whatever budget you happen to be working with.

First, let's explore some of the different video options you have available starting with the least expensive and complex to the most expensive requiring special skills and equipment.

  1. YouTube Video (created by virtual tour service)
  2. Selfie Video
  3. Zillow Video
  4. Aerial Video
  5. Professional Home Video

YouTube video that is created automatically by a real estate virtual tour service is the easiest and least expensive way to start promoting video content as you can create a do-it-yourself real estate virtual tour in less than 15 minutes, so the time investment is minimal, and the rewards are good as you are providing video content which helps your website and brings more eye-balls to your listing.

Treat: Inexpensive, easy to do, automated for the most part if done right.

Trick: The only trick is that this is a slide-show of still images converted to a video format to play on YouTube and does not have the same video movement you get from video footage as described below.

Selfie videos are also inexpensive as you can do these with your cell phone and the time it takes can be under 15 minutes once you have mastered the technique.  The best use of this tool is to do like two of our clients do, Nicole Nicolay (@Nik-Nik) who uses a selfie stick and gives a quick video tour of her new listings and other non-listing events in the community, and Jerry Jacques who also uses the selfie-stick to introduce his new listings and also do interviews to demonstrate the extent of his marketing like this one here.

Treat: True video content, low-cost since you are using your smart phone or tablet

Trick: Depending on skill, the trick is to keep the camera steady or it can be jerky with poor sound, potentially losing your audience.  Invest in a good selfie stick with gimble.

Zillow Video is relatively new and getting more popular.  This video will help you boost your listing to the top of the Zillow stack, giving you the potential for more views.  The process is to download the Zillow Walk Through Video App and then follow the instructions to record and post a 2 minute video of the house.

Treat: Inexpensive and easy to do.  Increases potential eye-balls on your listing in Zillow.

Trick: You are creating and giving Zillow rights to your content.  Don't be tricked!  Read the Zillow agreement carefully. 

Aerial Video is true video recorded with an aerial drone such as the popular DJI Phantom Pro 3 or 4.  Aerial video can be used by itself as a video clip in some real estate virtual tour services or the clips can be edited and combined with ground still photos to create a very engaging marketing tool to be used in places like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other social media sites as well as your own real estate website.

Treat: True video content that gives the potential buyer a view of the property hard to see any other way.  Impresses your sellers and brings more views to your listing through engaging content!  Sets you apart from most others and gives you bragging rights.

Trick:  Requires certification and training.  Unless you have a FAA Unmaned Remote Flight Certificate, flying a drone for commercial purpose (house for sale) can bring a hefty fine!  Don't be tricked into thinking you won't get caught.  Be sure to hire a professional who is certified.

Professional Home Video is a true video done by a professional or yourself if you have the right equipement, time and experience.  These are typically done using a high-end DSLR camera such as a Canon 5D Mark III or IV or Nikon D800, etc., along with professional steadycam equipment that can cost into the thousands of dollars.  The experienced videographer will sometimes interview the real estate agent to create an 'intro' and 'exit' video clip and then spend an hour or more creating walkthrough clips and 'beauty shots' to later be edited and compiled into a professional video, sometimes combined with aerial video and still images.

Treat: Top-of-the-line video marketing content that will truly impress your sellers and bring more views (eye-balls) to your listing if used properly to engage people by posting on FB, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or any other social media site to get more engagement.

Trick: Expensive as it can cost from $500 up to several thousand depending on the location(s), videographer, experience, equipment, and many more variables.  Time consuming as it typically can take a couple of days to a week to edit and produce the video, depending on the complexity of the video and who is doing the editing.

I hope this has given you an introduction to video options and how you might be able to use simple free or inexpensive video to complex video to help you market your properties and be more successful!

Have you used any of the above video options?  I would love to hear your stories of success and how video has been helpful to you and your real estate business! 

Thanks for reading!  I look forward to hearing your comments...

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