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East Bay Property Marketing and Social Networking Explained

East Bay Property Marketing Studios spends a lot of time and money on social networking, so just what is this social networking phenominom and should you as a real estate agent, professional or business owner get involved?  And if so, how much?  Should you be writing a blog (web log) such as this one or should you have your profile on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Activerain?  And the list goes on and on from there...

Traditional Social NetworkingSo, let's take a look at what social networking is and a little history of social networking...  First of all, social networking is not new!  You and I have been doing it for centuries.  When you mingle with co-workers around the coffee machine, go to a fund raiser, club, party, business get-together, seminar, golf, sewing circle, etc., these are all forms of social networking.  Social networking for real estate agents and business owners is no different.  The difference is in the delivery method or in this case the mass technology that has evolved to allow us to become "social" in our pajamas from home or office computer (hopefully not in your pajamas in the office)...

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So, where did it all begin... well the first mass form of social networking "technology" was the email or electronic mail and without going into the techno-mumbo-jumbo of the early days of email on large shared computers back in the 1960's and 70's, the first real commercial and mass use of email came about in the late 1980's and early 1990's with the widely used MCI Mail, Compuserve and AOL applications. 

Santa Email Computer

As an example of how widely used email is today, I read an article in the Tri-Valley Herald yesterday (12/14/09) titled, "Dear Santa".  In this article they published several letters to Santa, and as you know, kids say the darndest things!  Well, one little girl wrote "Dear Santa, Do you have an e-mail address?  If you do, please give it to me so we can send messages quicker." - Love Bella.  Wow, now that's a statement of the times... :)

Social networking and social media are tools!  And these tools are here to stay.  If you don't think so, just check out these facts:  Facebook in Dec 2009 announced they surpassed 350,000,000 ACTIVE users!  The United States as of October 2009 has only 309,000,000 people!  YouTube is now the second most used search site, second to Google!  Over 85% of home buyers said they looked online for their home before purchasing! 

Over the next weeks and months we will go into more detail on the use of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as well as talk about property marketing tools, cameras choices and how you can grow your business using these tools.

Virtual tours and social networking can be very useful for property marketing or personal marketing whether you are a real estate agent, a homeowner selling your home by owner, a business owner wanting to increase traffic or just wanting to "network" with your sphere of influence and build personal and business relationships.

Pool Area - Virtual TourProperty Marketing Studios in the East Bay covers the entire San Francisco Bay Area and uses social networking daily to blog, Twitter, Google, send emails and to network with our clients, prospects and our clients prospects and potential prospects.  Virtual tours, professional photography and social networking all fit together under the umbrella of Property Marketing.  With over 20 years of marketing experience as well as commercial and residential real estate experience, we understand the needs of the real estate agent/broker and business owner.

For more information or to discuss your personal needs, please don't hesitate to call or email me directly and if you haven't yet, please subscribe to our blog and our newsletter "Brokers Pajama Tour" and in return we promise to provide useful content that can directly impact your business and we hope, success!

Happy Holidays!

Tim Denbo
Property Marketing Studios


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East Bay Property Marketing and Social Networking Explained
East Bay Property Marketing Studios spends a lot of time and money on social networking, so just what is this social networking phenominom and should you as a real estate agent, professional or business owner get involved? And if so, how much? … more
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