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You Had Me At QR Code...

Do you want to impress your sellers with your marketing expertise?  Are you going on a listing appointment and you know the competition is fierce?  Do you work with buyers and want to demonstrate your technical know-how?  QR Codes and Mobile Tours are a great way to stand out, get more leads and sell homes faster!

Virtual Tours for real estate are not new, however combine virtual tours with new QR Code technology and a mobile tour optimized for lead-generation and you have an unbeatable combination that will set you apart from the competition.

QR Code to VirtualTourCafeQR Codes are not new, but they are new to real estate marketing.  They were developed for automobile manufacturing in Japan in the mid 1990’s and only recently have gained popularity in the Middle East, Europe and more recently North America.  QR stands for Quick Response and is a two-dimensional bar code able to hold more data than a traditional bar code including substantial data about a product, place or thing and even direct the user to a URL (website).  In real estate, QR Codes are being used to send potential buyers to virtual tours, property listings, and websites.

Many real estate agents want the option to include a QR Code on their marketing materials. Agents also want to choose between showing a specific property home tour, a YouTube video, or even their inventory gallery.  More importantly, the agent and broker want a way to track the marketing for results. 

Using QR Codes for marketing can be a little confusing unless you take the time to understand the consumer who is using this tool.  Most buyers or prospective buyers who have a smartphone and have learned about QR Codes, or will take the time to research and download the QR Code reader for their phone, are somewhat tech savvy already.  Buyers expects a QR Code on a For Sale sign, sign rider, flyer, or even in an advertisement, to take them directly to the property listing information, mobile tour, virtual tour or other information to help them know more about the particular property.  Rather than sending them to your agent or company website, use this opportunity gives them exactly what they want, thus resulting in a better buyer experience, more views and more leads..

VirtualTourCafe Mobile ScreenYour QR Codes and Mobile Tours should work in synergy.  The QR Code is strategically placed to give fast, effortless access to your listing.  The Mobile Tour should provide pictures, full-screen high-definition and as much information about the property as possible while still being easy to navigate and not too cluttered.  After all, this is a Mobile Tour, not an MLS listing.

Last but not least, it is important to use a mobile tour that is compatible with the most popular mobile phones, including Android, iPhone, and Blackberry smartphones.  You also want the prospective buyer to be able to contact you easily.  Having a Mobile Tour with “click-to-dial” or direct e-mail is a great way to get a showing or a lead.  Now that you are armed with all this information and technology at your fingertips, the next listing appointment you go on, the seller is likely to say “You had me at QR Code…”


Tim Denbo is President/CEO of VirtualTourCafe, LLC which is based in Dublin, California.  The business is a limited liability company and has an advisory board made-up of professionals in the real estate, technology, and marketing fields.  VirtualTourCafe continually donates a minimum of 10% of all net profits to charity.

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