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Five Ways to WOW Your Sellers...

 Five Ways to WOW Your Sellers...

Especially in today’s market, you work hard just to get a listing appointment, let alone the listing!  During your listing presentation, you must demonstrate your knowledge of the market and the neighborhood.  You must rely on your reputation and sales record, as well as your brokerage and brand recognition to speak for your prior success and convince the seller to choose you over all other agents in the area.

Being the incredible talent that you are, you have gained the trust of the seller and signed the listing, now it’s time to market the property.  As a real estate rock star, you also know that each listing is an opportunity not just to sell the property, but to impress the sellers and gain the eye of potential future sellers. 

Perception is everything!  And since most sellers are now keenly aware of the power of the internet, you lay out your marketing plan to demonstrate how you will use not only your sphere of influence, your networking prowess within the real estate community, but indeed, the internet, social media and social networking to sell their home.

With the property details and quality pictures in hand, you create the MLS listing and upload your photos.  You schedule the open house, prepare newspaper ad copy and send out “Just Listed” announcements to the neighbors, and all your buyer prospects and agents.  You present the property at the local real estate marketing meeting(s).

You are off to a great start!  Now, you focus on perception, and how do you get your listing to stand out from all the others and get your potential buyers interested enough to come see the house, while at the same time “wowing” your sellers with your marketing savvy! 

Here are some ideas often missed that could make a big difference:

  1. Add More Pictures! Add the most pictures allowed by your MLS and also  Buyers will search by “Number of Photos” and your listing will rise to the top.  Also, some listing services will only show the first five pictures, so be sure these five represent the most interesting areas of the home!
  2. Create a Virtual Tour. allows buyers to search by “Featured Tours” and again, your property will rise to the top of the search.  And you don’t have to spend a lot of money, you can “Do-It-Yourself”.
  3. Add Video.  YouTube is the second highest search site on the internet next to Google, and Google owns YouTube, so your listing will show up faster in online searches. You can either create a personal video tour, hire a professional to create a truly WOW video tour of your home, or just convert your still images into a video.  Some virtual tour services do the last one for a small fee, or even free!
  4. Add a QR Code and Single Property Website!  QR Codes and Single-Property Websites are great ways to promote the property and at the same time WOW your sellers.  Their house has its OWN website!  And people can view it by using their smartphones, now that’s tech savvy!  Real or perception, it is still a WOW factor!
  5. Get Social!  Add your virtual tour and listing to Facebook and Twitter.  Promote your Open House on Craigslist and Backpage and write a blog in ActiveRain and Trulia.  Hey, were on Facebook!  Another WOW for your Sellers!

You want your listing to stand out and grab the attention of the buyer, and your seller for that matter.  Anything you can do to differentiate your listing, and move it to the top of the online viewing stack, will help sell your listing faster and WOW your sellers.  And you will probably find some new buyers and sellers in the process.  We have all heard the saying; “it only takes one buyer to sell a house”.  You just have to do the right things to find that one buyer before another listing does.  And remember, this listing is your opportunity to demonstrate your real estate marketing skills and find your next listing!

And none of this needs to be difficult or time consuming.  Working with the right tools, all of the above can be done in a matter of minutes, not hours! If you want to WOW your sellers, try doing things just a little better than your competition!

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